April 03, 2012

Good Friends

All of our new friends in Brazil have been amazing to my family. And the whole time I was in Berkeley I was surrounded by friends and family who kept me company and watched out for me and helped me. 

It hasn’t stopped since I arrived in DC.

I don’t know nearly as many people in DC as I do in Berkeley, but the few that are here have been tremendous.

Some of my Vibrant Colleagues were still here for training when I arrived.  Since I moved into the building where they’d been living for quite a while, they made sure to show me around and pass on any tips.  And in the finest Foreign Service tradition, they also gifted me with many of their extra food products when they headed off to post.

Other Vibrant Colleagues have been here working at the Mothership.  Some have had me to their homes for dinner and I got to play with their kids.  Not the same as playing with my kids – but so nice to be around a family!  And others have made sure I didn’t get to lonely in my apartment – meeting me for dinner and lunch several times – and even showing me some cool knitting stores!

My Vibrant Colleagues who are in Brazil even got together and sent me some wonderful flowers to brighten up my cookie cutter government housing!

I’ve also been very lucky in that one of my best friends from college lives in the area.  She and her husband have taken such good care of me!  They took me shopping so that I could get set up, we went to their place on the Shore one weekend, they’ve introduced me to a great neighborhood in Alexandria and a wonderful restaurant.  They took me to Howard University where I got to see DC’s own Afro-Blue perform and then to the Jefferson Memorial at night - beautiful!!

I will be so happy to get home to my family, but it’s been a wonderful silver lining to spend such great times with good friends!

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