June 24, 2012

A Weekend Away

The last holiday weekend, we had an opportunity to get away for a few days.  It was awesome.  We headed south along the coast to a place called Tamandare.  Because it was a US 3-day-weekend, and not a Brazilian 3-day-weekend, we were able to get a great rate on a fabulous place

There was a fairly large group of us - Brazilian and American families.  It gave us an opportunity to get to know people better - and to spend the weekend like a Brazilian!

The place we stayed was right on the beach and was set up with several bungalows - each with a few bedrooms and bathrooms and a little kitchen.  Hammocks were strung about all over the place. 

The grounds were glorious and even had a flock of peacocks running about.

It was absolutely relaxing!  The kids ran and played all day and had a blast. 

And then were cozy when they rested 

We slept in, strolled on the beach,

relaxed in the fabulous water, and read in the hammocks. 

 There were piscinas naturais (natural pools) similar to what they have in Porto de Galinhas.  When the tide is in you can't see the reef that is submerged beneath the water. 

 But when the tide goes out, there are deep pools in the reefs that are filled with fish and other sea animals. 

You can swim out to the reef and then walk along the top. When you get to one of the pools, you can swim in it with the fish.  It's pretty amazing and there wonderful tidepools to explore.  I'm used to California tidepools - which are fascinating.  These were decidedly different - starting with the water temperature and lack of waves crashing about.  The pools created were a lot calmer.  There were little crabs to watch and lots and lots of sea urchins.  So much that you're better off with sea booties to where - I got some spikes in my foot and it was a challenge to get them out!

Cafe da manha (Brazilian breakfast) was served in an open air pavilion each morning.  Lots of wonderful fruit juice (mango, graviola, caxa), pastries, eggs and tapioca (not what you're thinking) crepes to order and even hot chocolate! 

One would think that hot chocolate wouldn't make sense in a tropical paradise, but when there's a downpour during breakfast and you want to run around in it, it's nice to come back to some hot chocolate!

There were wild monkeys in the trees

 And lots of coconuts for playing games with

A walk on the beach turned up all sorts of fascinating things

crab holes

seaweed that looked like green grapes

beautiful sea shells

fisherman going out for the day

and even a little church.

And when you came back from your walk, you could wash your feet before you came inside

It was a great weekend to get away and relax with friends!


  1. It looks so lovely and relaxing ~ glad you had a chance to get away!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful place. So nice to see you all relaxing and having fun in Brazil!