August 04, 2012

The O+N Buffet

Imagine our surprise when K. and I returned from our Saturday morning walk to find this note on our front door.

We dutifully rang the bell (and answered when asked "Who is it?").  The door opened and we were greeted by the proprietors of our new favorite restaurant.

The welcomed us to their place and asked us to choose our table.  There was one nice table set up with a view of the Olympics on TV, and another set up by the window with a lovely view of the ocean.  We chose the table with the ocean view.

Once seated we were presented with a menu for this restaurant.

It all looked delicious.  I particularly like the way the fizzy water is phrased - more Brazilian style (agua com gas).  One of the proprietors came and took our order.
Our food quickly arrived - a basket of fresh muffins, chocolate milk shakes and water with gas.

I was told my muffin was prepared especially for me since it's my birthday month!

We had such a nice time, we asked the other proprietor to take our picture as we enjoyed this wonderful breakfast.

K. then asked for the bill so we could settle our tab.

The proprietors of the best new restaurant in town -The O+N Buffet!


  1. Cuteness beyond belief! happy early bday Catherine! Next Weds right?? XO

  2. Sooooo sweet! we miss you all this summer - the street is very quiet. Happy birthday Catherine! and all our love to the whole family.