September 16, 2012

A tough week

This has been a tough week.

What should have been a day to remember our past tragedies, instead became a day with new tragedies.  People have been killed because of who they are and what they stand for; colleagues and friends all over the world have been in danger.

I have no words.

Here is the statement from Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on the tragedies.

We lost some great people: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and Security Officers Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty  They will be missed.

Hannah Draper over at A Slow Move East has a wonderful post about a recent adventure with her boss - Ambassador Chris Stevens.   He sounds like someone I would have loved to work with.

Digger at Life After Jerusalem has great post about the realities of diplomatic life.  Her post includes links to some great articles well worth reading.

Hatred and intolerance are never the answer.

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