January 01, 2013

NYE - Brazilian style

Last night we got to celebrate New Year's Eve Brazilian style!  And it's just glorious!

In past years, we've gone to a truly wonderful party at our friend and neighbors home in Berkeley.  There many people gather and there's lots of dancing, game playing, kids running about, good conversations - and then bubble wrap to stomp on and champagne at midnight while someone drops the giant yoga ball from the second floor.  Good times.

This was a little different.  First - they closed the street in front of our apartment at 2 PM and the beach vendors started setting up tables along the beach.  It was a charge of R$50 or US$25 for a table on the beach.  Luckily, we could sit in the front gardent of our building alongside the pool and enjoy it all.

We got down there around 9:30 - we'd been waiting for the parties to start and even took some catnaps while we were waiting.  At 9:30, our little group were the only ones down there.  The building next door was set up for a party- complete with DJ, disco lights and smoke machine - but no one was there.

We waiting and had snacks and great conversations.  The kids went swimming and played and had a great time.

It got closer and closer to midnight and we were wondering when the parties would get started.  Finally around 11:30 people started arriving at the party and the beach started filling up.  Everyone was dressed in white and strolling along the sand.

At midnight, a cheer went up (our cheer was about two minutes later as being good Americans, we went by Apple iPhone time countdown!).

We all strolled down to the beach so we could jump the waves 7 times for good luck.  There were loads of people in the waves and picnicking on the beach.  We watched the fireworks at each end of the beach.  It was super warm and balmy, with a nice ocean breeze - quite lovely!

It was a great way to ring in the new year!

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