February 27, 2013

Going Home: The Hard Part

It's great to go home.

It's great to go back to the US, visit all your favorite places, see all your family and friends, eat all the food you've missed.

But it's hard too.

It's hard to cram a year's worth of visiting into just a few weeks.  It's hard to have so many wonderful, intense conversations and experiences with the people you love all at the same time.  It becomes overwhelming.

And it's also hard to say goodbye to your family and friends - knowing you won't see them for probably a year.  Of course you can Skype and talk on the phone, but it's not the same has just talking a walk together talking about nothing.  Or cooking a meal together.  Or just sitting and doing nothing together.

I love living in Brazil and being able to see so much of the world.  But I also miss seeing my special people on a regular basis.


  1. Yeah, I totally get this post. It's so interesting to me how I can simultaneously love being in Kenya and miss the Bay Area, especially the food!! These two things are not mutually exclusive. I do not regret the choice I made to join the Peace Corps but I would give anything for a Pizzaiolo pizza, or a cocktail from Flora or a mole rojo plate from Cactus Taqueria or... well, the list could go on. :o)

  2. and the people left miss you but know it is a wonderful experience that can be had no other way so we suport what you do