December 30, 2011

Packing out from Oakwood

I had thought that the pack-out from Oakwood wouldn't be as challenging as when we packed out from Berkeley.  But it's amazing how much you accumulate when you stay in a place.  And then there are the items we need to get especially for Brazil.

In preparation for our move to Brazil, I'd put together big shopping list / spreadsheet.  It was based on a spreadsheet that a Vibrant Colleague had put together before she and her family left for India.  I went through it and adjusted it to reflect our family's needs.  Luckily for us, Brazil has wonderful markets with great produce, fish, meat and other products we might need.  But there are still those special products that can make your life a little bit nicer - whether it's your special brand of tea, or the lotion you love, - or for our family - the varieties of hot sauces.

I also had the kids get started on their packing.

It's really important to have everything you're taking with you packed and out of the packers way before they get there.  Since we knew we wouldn't see our things for quite some time, we had lots of stuff to pack.  We also had to make sure we had clothes for the last week in Virginia, the holidays in California, meetings in Miami and then for several weeks in Brazil.  We ended up with a lot of bags!

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