February 07, 2012

Mall Fun

Recife is a great town with lots to see, do and explore.  But then there are those days you just need to go to the mall to get stuff (school supplies, sim cards for your cell phone, etc.).  Recife has one of the larger malls in Brazil - Shopping Recife.

Shopping Recife has loads of stores, restaurants, and services.  There's a giant grocery store, an Ikea like furniture store, gazillions of shoe stores, a movie theater, video arcade - I could go on.

Lots of people go there and enjoy themselves.  One thing I find very interesting is the amusements for the kids.  In the center of one of the mall areas we found this:

That's right, kids in giant plastic balls floating around in the water.  It looks like a lot of fun - except for one thing - how do they breathe?  I seem to remember my parents telling me not to put plastic bags over my head.   And yet people are lining up to put plastic bags on their kids heads!

So - our kids did the water boats.  It made me feel much safer!

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