February 07, 2012

Mercado Sao Jose

The Mercado Sao Jose in Recife is one of the oldest public markets in Brazil.  There is the original market in a former train station, and then there are all the other vendors that have set up around the market radiating out for several blocks.

We went last weekend and it was quite an experience.  The streets are very crowded with everyone getting ready for Carnaval.  It feels like you could buy just about anything.

Heading towards the market, you first reach the outlying shops.  There you can buy household items, clothing, snacks, etc.

As you get close to the market, there are many fruit and vegetable vendors.

And dry good vendors.

We even saw a woman selling what looked to be medicinal herbs.  I made a mental note to go back another day when my Portuguese is better and I have more time to learn more from her.

When you get into the market itself, there are the fish vendors

and the meat vendors

It was a bit much for the kids.

We also found some more household goods and artisan crafts. We got some great woven placemats and hot pads for our home.

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