July 31, 2012

A Day at Porto de Galinhas

The first weekend K.'s family was here we headed to Porto de Galinhas.  It's a beach town about an hour south of Recife.  Our local taxi driver, Apollonio, helped us organize our day.  He has a large minivan and could take all of K.'s family.  We followed along in our car. 

 Since he's so familiar with the area, he knew the good place to part and the good restaurant / beach stretch to spend the day.  We had a great time.

Porto de Galinhas is known for it's natural coral pools that are just off the beach.  During low tide, there are deep pools in the coral that fill with fish.  So many people head out there and feed the fish that they are now trained and will follow you as you walk along the sides of the pool.  It's absolutely beautiful.

And there also the usual vendors along the beach selling anything you might want.

 There was kite flying.

Playing in the sand.

Some people got their hair braided

and some people got tattoos.

O. and Cousin J. with their tattoos.

N. and Cousin E. with their braids.

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