December 23, 2012

A new cooking pot!

One of the joys of learning about new cultures is seeing the different things people cook and they ways they cook them.  When we went to Gravata for the weekend, the woman who came to cook breakfast made a very interesting dish.  She called it couscous - but it's really more of a polenta / cornmeal dish that's steamed into a type of cake.  It is served with butter and milk for breakfast.

It requires a special pot - a couscousiere that of course I had to get. The best souvenirs and memorablia of a place are the things you'll use.

To make it, you mix 2 parts of the couscous / polenta with 1 part of water.  You let it rest for about 10 minutes and then put it in the steamer basket of the couscousiere. 

The bottom of the pot is filled with water.  It gets steamed for about 10 minutes, then let it rest for about 3 minutes.

Since that weekend, I've made it and served with with stew in place of rice - very yummy!  Since it's a whole grain - it's super healthy and it doesn't need any added fat.  It's great with roasted vegetable and anything saucy.

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