June 22, 2013

More about Athens

It's now been over a month since I've been back from my TDY in Athens - time to catch up on my blogging!

Athens has so many wonderful things about it:

The streets are lined with orange trees!  It smells so wonderful when I walk to work.

I found these greens at the corner grocery.  They grow along the ocean and are called almeira.  You're supposed to blanch them in boiling water and serve them with the ubiquitous olive oil and lemon.  I was too lazy to cook them and had them as a salad - yummy and a little salty from being by the sea.

Ouzo is an aperitif that has a licorice flavor.  It's clear until you add ice or water, then it becomes cloudy.  Super yummy and great to sip at the end of the day in a cafe.

And the ouzo goes so well with a little plate of snacks!

 For Greek Easter they roasted whole lambs on the spit.  Super tasty!

My dad and I tried to go to the Archaeological Museum, but they are about to close.  So - we peaked into a few rooms, saw a great mosaic of Medusa - and then went for a nice stroll.

We saw the Greek guards doing their special march in front of the President's Palace.

And we saw the Olympic Stadium.

This is one of my favorite sculptures - the Running Man.

And so much great food - the Gigantic beans, the Greek salad, and roasted peppers - super super yummy!


The Parthenon was pretty cool.  I visited it one day after work - amazing views, amazing ruins.  I downloaded a cool podcast and was able to just quietly explore - and get a lot of history and perspective.  Great way to do it - thanks to my friend for recommending it.

The Erecthion is one of the many beautiful temples atop the Acropolis.  But it's so very sad how the pollution has eroded the statues. Luckily the originals are in the museum so they don't erode more.

I had a great time in Athens - wonderful city, wonderful country, wonderful people!!!!!  I can't wait to go back.

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