February 28, 2014

California Road Trip

California is our home - our touchstone.  But because we left when our kids were still young (1st and 3rd grade), they don't remember it in the same way we do.  So we decided to take a California road trip and remind them of who they are and where they're from.

We took 101 down from the Bay Area to Los Angeles.  Of course we stopped at the various tourist places along the way.  First - Casa de Fruta for breakfast and some play time.  And then we checked out some California Missions.  4th graders in California learn about the Missions and are often tasked with construction of a mission.  I did Mission San Miguel - so of course we had to visit it.

We also hit another traditional tourist spot - Andersen's Split Pea.

Eventually we arrived at Disneyland - the original.  We met up with our friends and had the good fortune to open the park!

We checked out various rides.


And even took a tour "Walking in Walt's Footsteps".  Pretty cool and we got to see his apartment at the park.  It was amazing how much it reminded me of my grandparents' home - from the same era.

Nursing baby
On the way back to the Bay Area, we took Highway 1 up the coast.  The California coast is so beautiful - constantly changing and always magnificent.

We got to see elephant seals.  They were breeding, giving birth, and nursing their babies - glorious to see them so close!

When we got to Oakland, we hiked in the Redwoods and got to see ladybugs breeding and having babies as well.  Aah - springtime!

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