March 30, 2014

Home Leave - Berkeley Style

One of the requirements in Foreign Service life is Home Leave.  After every overseas tour, you must spend time in the United States - soaking up that American culture.  It's a great perk of the job - it gives us a chance to reconnect with family and friends - as well as what it means to be an American.

We spent our Home Leave in California - our home.  We did our road trip, and then we spent a few weeks in our hometown of Berkeley.

It's nice to get reminded first hand why we love it.

I got to have my morning run on Sproul Plaza on the UC campus.

And I love how Berkeley paints up it's trash cans.

And the local cannabis club.

We visited the Campanile on campus and saw some beautiful views.

We went to our local coffee house and got a nice reminder of Brazil!

Of course we went in to San Francisco and visited Fisherman's Wharf!

There are some great World War II ships there - we checked out the Jeremiah O'Brien. 

And the cool war posters!

O. really like the engine room.

And met one of the volunteer engineers who keep it all ship-shape!  He showed us how to light the boiler!

Of course - you must visit Ghiradelli Square for some hot fudge!

We went on hikes in the redwoods and saw more signs of spring! 

Breeding ladybugs!

And spent time with good friends.

It's always so wonderful to reconnect - and with good friends you just pick right up!

And of course there were wonderful family visits.

Golden Gate park - one of the best playgrounds around!

Bowling at the Albany Bowl.

The best tacos at La Taqueria.

The Berkeley Bowl has an entire aisle for chocolate!

More beautiful beaches - this time Carmel!

Monterey Aquarium is the best!

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