March 30, 2014

Corregidor Island

We got out of Manila for a day trip to Corregidor Island.  It's an important island at the entrance of Manila Bay - it was fought over during World War II.  When General MacArthur said "I shall return", he was referring to Corregidor Island.

There's a ferry ride from Manila that lasts a bit over an hour and takes you to the island. There are trams and tour guides that show you the various sites.  Many of the buildings and barracks are falling down.

Some people were a little upset at having to get up early on a Saturday to make the ferry.

There are huge craters where bombs landed.

The barrels of the guns are quite large.

The views from the island are beautiful.

There's a peace monument.

These guns ended up down the road when a bomb hit - the blast sent them quite far!

There is a tremendous amount of pollution in Manila Bay - and much of it washes up on the shore.  It's just awful!

This is where General MacArthur left the island.

This statue of the Filipino woman is in an area with two famous male historical figures.

More beautiful views.

This tunnel goes deep in to the mountain.  It's set up to be a shelter for people during attack. There are tunnels branching off the main tunnel - to a hospital wing, supply areas, sleeping areas, command centers.  It's quite impressive.

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