November 29, 2014


When we went on our recent Outreach to Bagiuo, we were fortunate to stay at the Ambassador's Summer Residence.

It's a beautiful place in the mountains around Bagiuo.   The air is fresh and cool year round and there are lots of trees.

I got to stay in General Yamashita's room - rumor has that it's haunted - although no one came to visit me.

The grounds are gorgeous!

It was even cool enough to go for a morning run! Something I haven't been able to do in hot and smoggy Manila.

In our free time, we explored the town on the top of the mountain.

I even got to dress up in native dress.  The Igorot people in this region are known for their weaving, amongst other things.

There were also lots of places to shop - I got some great woven items.

They're also known for having the best local style brooms.

I love visiting local markets!

It's a beautiful place - I can't wait to go back with my family!

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