November 30, 2014

Neighborhoods in Manila

It's always nice to get out and walk around the real neighborhoods.   You get to see how real people live.

 Manila has a lot of traffic, and busy streets. But when you get off the main streets, you can walk through some interesting neighborhoods.

There are sidewalk cafes.

With outdoor seating and lights in the trees.

And even corner religious shrines.

And when the neighborhood streets come out of the neighborhood, sometimes they end on a river.

You can see people riding on the motorized tricycles / motorbike sidecars.

There are little corner bakeries.

With some tasty buns.

And some snack places as well.

We had some yummy lumpia.

And another restaurant.

Of course you can buy different kinds of rice.

And lots of vegetables.

Every neighborhood seems to have several roosters.  Since cockfighting has been in the Philippines for many years it seems as though every neighborhood has their own champion.

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