December 30, 2015

R&R: Fort Funston

We finished up our R&R with a visit to Fort Funston - one of our favorite places in San Francisco. Many happy memories there.

The dunes along the water are gorgeous - and great to slide down!

There are signs about dogs sliding off the cliffs.  We had a dog - Moses - who jumped off the cliff - twice!  And continued to run along the beach.

R&R: Friends in California

One of the great things about going home for R&R is getting to see our friends.  We had some good times just hanging out and reconnecting.

We built bonfires on the Carmel Beach and roasted marshmallows and looked at the stars.

J. is a great fire builder and taught O. all the tricks of building a good and proper fire.

Up and down the beach there were bonfires - makes for a fun night.

We also found fun playgrounds to play on.

And then there were the great meals out.

J. inspired O. to try trout!

Of course if you're going to boogie board - you need wetsuits - because even though it's summer - it's still Northern California Pacific Ocean.

We had a great bike ride along Monterey Bay.

We build some model balsa wood planes to fly.

We went horseback riding in the dunes of the Monterey Peninsula

There were also fun slumber parties

And great picnic style meals

Playing in the park with friends who have grown up a lot!

And also going to the great Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!!!

The carousel is especially fun when you grab the brass ring and get it in the clown's mouth.

Bumper cars

The log ride - fun on a hot day!

The ghost ride

Friends make waiting in line fun.

The Giant Dipper!

But the best part is hanging out with friends!!!