September 04, 2011


I've realized that I haven't really mentioned where we're going next since I announced it on Flag Day.

And, while I've had a few posts about other blogs to check out, both Foreign Service blogs and other blogs I love - I've posted no links to blogs about Recife, or Brazil or just Brazil links in general.


So - we are going to Recife, Brazil in January, following the completion of our Portuguese language training at FSI.

We are all thrilled.  After all, Recife was at the top of our bid list!  It has many of the things we were looking for - warm weather, near (actually on) the beach, a great culture, a fabulous language, great food, great people - I could go on.  It also allows me to fulfill many of my requirements for the Foreign Service - I'll be a consular officer and will also get to learn a new language. And since it's a fairly small post, I'll get to know my fellow officers and their families fairly well.

When we get there, I will, of course, be posting a lot about our life there.  But in the meantime, I want to share some of what I've learned so far.

First off - there are two great blogs written by women who are living in Recife and are part of the Foreign Service Community.  I've been enjoying reading about them for quite some time - even before I knew I was going to Recife.  Please check them out!  This one has recently been posting some great photos of Recife and also has some great posts about various places around Brazil.  And this one is about another first tour family and also has some great posts about traveling around Brazil.  Both are written by mothers with young children - it's great to get that perspective and information as well.

And here is another blog that's written about a lot of different aspects of Brazil.

And until you check out all these links - here are some photos to look at.

"The Brazilian Venice"

Recife means reef in Portuguese

You can see why we're all excited!  And we look forward to having visitors.

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  1. After our wedding in Rio, we honeymooned in "Salinas do Maragogi" about 2 hours from Recife. It was GLORIOUS. It's a splurge (since it's all inclusive) but I highly recommend! I posted a ton of pictures of it here:

    Just something else to look forward to!