March 30, 2012

Girl's Weekend

My mom and sis came out last weekend to keep me company while I'm doing the radiation thing.

And we had a blast!!!

Since my dad and I had so much good father-daughter time while I was having all my surgeries, it was nice to get some "mom" time while I'm in DC.

They also came out so we could celebrate my mom's birthday weekend in style - and we did!

My sister is a great instigator of all things fun.  The very first night we made a couple of "rules":
  1. Since it was Cherry Blossom Festival time here in DC - every time we went to a restaurant or cafe, we had to ask if they had a  "Cherry Blossom Special"  and if they did - we had to order it - no matter what.  It made for some very fun and interesting and often delicious items.
  2. Every time we sat down to a meal - we toasted the birthday girl.  (My sister and I are both Leo's so we understand the importance of celebrating not just the day, but the whole month - or at least as much as you can).
The birthday girl said she had one of her best birthdays ever.  And I know I had a great time as well.

My sister is also a second-hand clothing store maven.  So we checked out much of DC's finest.  J. is always able to find that wonderful nugget buried beneath all the other stuff.  And then she puts it all together in a really great way.

And of course we talked the whole time - catching up on all the little things you don't often get to when you're just on a phone call.

So we had great food, great shopping, great talks - the perfect girl's weekend!

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