January 06, 2014

Things I'll miss about Recife

A while back there was a blog theme rolling around about the things that make you happy about your post.  I never got it together to post it during that time, but I thought about it a lot and figure now is a good time to post as we're about ready to leave Recife.

The Beach.  Our apartment sits on the beach and we hear the waves crashing all night.  We don't need to use our air conditioning because of the wonderful ocean breeze.  We have two hammocks on our balcony and there is nothing like reading away an afternoon swinging in the breeze.

We just have to cross the street to be on the beach where Luzia, our umbrella lady, brings us agua de coco and anything else we want.


The Fruit.  The fruit here is amazing.  The fruits I already knew about - pineapples, mangos, papayas, passionfruit are better than any I've had anywhere else.


And the fruits I didn't know about - caju,
cupuaco, acerola, pitango are pretty amazing as well.  I love it that the pineapple man is on the beach every day and I can get fresh super sweet pineapple.  And there's a fruit lady near work - the best cut to order fruit salad anywhere!


The Food.  There's a cut of beef here that doesn't exist in the US called picanha.  It's from the same part of the cow as a tri-tip, but it's cut differently and is just amazing.  All the churrascaria's have picanha - the guys come around with the cuts on their espitinhos (swords) and slice the meat on to your plate.  It is just wonderful and I love it with farofa (toasted manioc - looks like sawdust) and vinaigrette (like a pico de gallo).  There's also macaxeira frita - like french fries - but macaxeira (yuca) - I just love it!  And coxinhas - little pear shaped fried treats that are usually stuffed with chicken or cheese, then covered in pureed manioc and fried.  Love them!

The Brazilians.  The people in Brazil are the nicest I've ever seen.  So warm and generous.  True story - at the hair salon I had forgotten to bring enough cash for a tip and was trying to figure out where the nearest ATM was (not close).  A complete stranger overheard my conversation and offered to give me cash saying that he'd give me his bank account number and I could deposit the money to pay him back the next day.  A complete stranger!!!

My Friends.  In just two short years we've made some great
friends.  Some I'll see again as we crisscross the globe.  But many, many more I may not see again. And that's really hard.

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