January 04, 2014

Visit to Brasilia

I had the opportunity to visit Brasilia last year for a conference. Very interesting city.

I saw the beautiful bridge across the lake.

And I did one of my favorite things in a new city - I explored the big markets.  There were food stalls with lots of regional food.

And clothing stalls.

Dried nuts and fruits.

Beautiful produce.

An interesting bra store.

A food stand that makes pastels - sheets of dough filled with things and then fried. You can pick your filling - sweet and savory.

I like seeing the markets because they're very real - real people doing real shopping.

The rest of Brasilia is so planned it has a very different feel.  Since it was planned and created all at once the look is very consistent - not what I'm used to in other cities that grow over time and are a jumble of styles and periods.

I love the way the government bureaucratic buildings all look exactly alike and line up like dominoes - the perfect thing for bureaucrats.

And I like the way the church resembles Space Mountain.

It's a city built for cars, not for walking. And it gets deserted on weekends.  I think it would be a great place to film a zombie apocalypse movie!

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