April 29, 2014

Legaspi Farmer's Market

There are two farmer's markets that we visit a lot - Salcedo is on Saturdays, and Legaspi is on Sundays.  They both have lots of vegetables and fruits, as well as vendors selling artisan crafts, prepared food, plants, furniture, ice cream, etc.  It's pretty amazing and we usually go to one or the other on the weekend.

There are places to sit and eat the food you get from various vendors.

And so many different types of foods to try!

I like the roast peanut man.

And the Thai food.

The produce is wonderful and there's a great variety.  I try to also pick out new things each week and ask how to prepare.  It's been very interesting.

Fiddlehead ferns.  Super yummy!  I just blanched them and added them to my salad.

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