April 27, 2014

Trip to the countryside

I had occasion to travel outside the city and it was quite beautiful.  

There are rice fields lining the roads.  Different families and people have their patches that the grow and then process.  
They place the rice out on the sidewalks and roadside to dry - it takes several days.  Oftentimes, one lane of the road is covered in drying rice and everyone must just use one lane.

On the way back we stopped at a local fast food chain for some lumpia and sesame balls.

And I got to try the national dessert - HaloHalo.  It's very interesting and tasty.  It will definitely cool you on a hot day.  The purple ice cream is ube.  And then there are green cubes on coconut jello, red tapioca,  pieces of flan, shaved ice, and then garbanzo beans, white beans, black beans, banana, and jackfruit.

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