December 30, 2015

Saying goodbye to the home I grew up in

There was a lot that happened during this year's R&R.  The first thing was moving out of the home I grew up in.  A lot of emotions, a lot of sorting, a lot of family coming together, and a lot of goodbyes.

This was the piano that my grandmother played for many years. I would love to keep it - but it's rather large and I don't play enough and I can't drag it all over the world.

I packed up the room I grew up in - but of course couldn't take the mural I painted on the wall.  I did take the beautiful bookshelves my father built me.

My dad had quite the wine collection - so one night we had a sampling party.

And of course with all that wine, we had an inspiring game of celebrity!

More wine?

Bit by bit we got stuff organized in the garage.

We found some cool stuff.

Like my old rocking horse - I called him "Precious"

And a cool foghorn
And some old drill bits

Cleaning out the workbench was cool

Everyone got in to the action.

But we were quite beat at the end.

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